Ethical Digital puts enterprise SEO within reach

Our goal is to put all our clients on a solid foundation and then execute a plan for growth. We invest in tools and training to make sure we deliver best-in-class SEO service, and we keep our rates fair to reflect the actual work being done.

Search Engine Optimization has evolved

Local and enterprise businesses alike are discovering that the old tricks don’t work anymore. Stuffing keywords and changing on-page tags won’t cut it. Link-building can do more harm than good, and the old black hat tactics that worked in the past now risk getting your website penalized or worse.

You need a partner that understands the SEO of today and tomorrow, not last month. 

E.A.T. or perish

Expertise, Authority and Trust. To tackle this critical ranking factor you need to think beyond website optimizations and backlinks. You need to think about the LinkedIn profiles of your executive team, their Twitter following, their bylines… You need a holistic plan.

Everything is SEO

It is impossible to talk about SEO without talking about your website, your product, your reviews, your social media presence, even your business address. 

Search engines like Google want to understand everything about your business that might impact its relevancy to a given search query. And since modern SEO is everything, you need a partner with expertise in everything related to your online presence.

Some clients our team has worked with

Meet our Head of SEO

Izaias Almeida

Before joining the team at Ethical Digital, Izaias built a successful SEO agency in São Paolo, Brazil. With over twelve years of experience providing data-driven SEO, he has worked with businesses of all sizes - from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. After selling his business to travel the world with his wife, "The SEO Hustler" has been helping companies in more than 15 countries and 6 languages thrive in the digital and search world.

Testimonials and Reviews

Zac excels in his area of expertise. We had a great pleasure working with him on our project. I would highly recommend him.


He is an SEO Wizard!

- Vuukle

Excellent experience! I will definitely continue to use Zac. His response time is quick and his work is thorough. He went above and beyond to give us quality attention and advice. This guy is a keeper!

- CareerFitter

FAQ about our SEM services

SEO deliverables are notoriously hard to define because they can cover all aspects of a client’s online presence, and no two situations are identical. Our approach is to assign each client a dedicated senior SEO who works with the account manager to develop a holistic strategy. In addition to coordinating with web design, graphic design, and content writing, the SEO specialist’s purview covers goal setup and tracking, SEO auditing, local search and citations setup, on-page SEO, off-Page SEO and link-building, analytics, keyword research, and voice engine optimization.

We offer SEO services in tiers starting at under $500 per month and going up based on the amount of work needed. We also offer an extensive SEO audit by a senior SEO for $900. Enterprise-level services require a custom quote after an in-depth evaluation of the requirements.

Unlike paid search engine marketing, SEO can take months to show an improvement in a website’s traffic or SERP ranking. That is just the nature of SEO, and you should steer clear of anyone who promises immediate results.

Scalable solutions, from local to enterprise

Every business will benefit from a solid foundation online, but your SEO priorities will differ depending on the size and ambition of your business, and its current state of development. 

If you are the administrator of a website with tens or hundreds of thousands of pages, then things like on-page optimizations and internal linking strategies may be trivial to you. But you may lose sleep at night over issues like your crawl budget and index bloating. The bigger a website becomes, the more it requires scalable and data-driven solutions.

One size does not fit all, but the principles are universal. From small local businesses to our enterprise clients, we implement proven strategies based on years of experience, industry best practices, and hard data.

Beware of big promises

There are many who claim to be SEO experts, but truly elite specialists are rare. Don’t believe every claim you hear, and if someone tries to guarantee results, be very skeptical. Nothing in SEO is guaranteed.

We want to earn your trust and your business

Picking an SEO partner is like picking a doctor. With the health and wellbeing of your business at stake, it is not a decision to take lightly.

We'd like to learn about your business and show you what makes Ethical Digital special. Let's set up a call to discuss your business goals and how we can help you achieve them. Just click the sign up button below and we will do a little research on your company before teeing up a conversation.