Ready to work from anywhere?

Are you a digital marketing expert with agency experience and a desire for more ownership in your work?

Ethical Digital is an administrative service for digital marketers like you who want to build their own book of business, but who don't have the full business infrastructure to attract and adequately serve clients.

As an Ethical Digital Agent, you will be in charge of your own workload, schedule, and responsibilities. You will have the option to take on many clients or few, to be client facing or not, to fulfill on multiple products or just one. You will have more flexibility than if you tried to freelance on your own.

We handle onboarding, billing, accounting, marketing collateral, contracts, rates, terms, and other administrative tasks. We set you up with your own profile, back you with the Ethical Digital brand, mediate disputes, and give you the support you need for success. We provide a platform in which agents coordinate and negotiate their own terms, and we make sure everyone gets paid.

We also manage a shared liability fund to cover make-goods and refunds. Mistakes do happen, and you can't afford to be on the hook for the full value of a contract when most of it has already been spent in Adwords.

As an Ethical Digital agent, your success will truly be in your own hands, and you will be putting your reputation on the line. But if you are awesome at your job, you will have the potential to achieve much greater financial and professional independence.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate mastery in their specialty and a deep understanding of digital marketing. If that is you, fill out the form below and tell us a little about yourself, your experience, and why you would like to work with us.

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