What is Ethical Digital’s referral program?

Refer someone to join our network of digital marketing professionals, and if we accept them you’ll get a commission equal to 2% of their earnings. The goal is to motivate you to recruit not just anybody, but talented people who will be productive.

How can I refer someone to join?

It’s easy! Just get them to sign up through your profile by clicking the “Careers” button in the top navigation. When you encourage people to join, just be sure to share the link to your profile, not the main ethicaldigital.com website.

What are the requirements to be accepted as an Ethical Digital agent?

As a brand new company, we are being picky about who we let in to make sure our quality is consistently very high. So right now we are only accepting applicants with professional experience in digital marketing.

Over time we will develop training and other quality control protocols, maybe even an apprenticeship program, that will help us open our doors to a wider pool of talent. But for now, prior professional experience is a requirement.

Does the referral bonus come out of the referred agent’s pocket?

Nope! We pay that separately.

Why 2% in particular?

We figure 2% is high enough to matter but not so high that most people will focus on recruiting instead of doing the work. Then again, if you are an influencer with a big network of qualified professionals, you might find recruiting for us quite lucrative.

What if I sign up through the main website?

Then nobody gets the referral fee and we keep it, which is nice too. :) But hey if you want to make sure some deserving person gets that bonus, why not throw that bone to soon-to-be father of three Aaron Hazelett?