Email Marketing

You get new emails every day. Some are important, some are junkmail, and some never even reach your inbox and go straight to your spam folder. As a business owner, your time and attention are precious, and you don’t like having those precious resources stolen by careless advertisers who flood your inbox.

Your customers are just like you. They don’t like spam, and if you spam them, they won’t like you either. They might even flag your emails as spam, and then you will have trouble sending emails to anyone.

For this reason, Email Marketing is tricky business. You want to stay in touch with your customers and let them know about special offers and promotions, yet you want to avoid annoying them.

Fortunately there are certain standards and procedures you can follow to ensure your emails are welcomed and not unwanted. At Ethical Digital, we practice only white hat email marketing. We make sure all your email lists are opt-in, we A/B test your campaigns for effectiveness, and as Integrated Marketing specialists we align your email strategy with the rest of your marketing plan.

Our unique advantage is that we offer a team approach with the resources and support of a large agency, but at near-freelancer prices. Our cost savings are due to our efficient business model and low overhead, not cutting corners where it matters.

When you are ready to see how effective email marketing can boost customer conversion and retention, just sign up and an Ethical Digital marketing strategist will be in touch.