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You need creative content that will turbo-charge your inbound strategy. Ethical Digital can produce it for you.

It’s not ALL fake news

Blogs and other online publications are an essential part of inbound marketing. In addition to conveying information, these articles can serve as a net to draw in web traffic and guide visitors toward the products or services on offer.

If you want to succeed online in a competitive industry, you need to produce content. But flooding the internet with generic, derivative, low-quality or irrelevant text is more likely to harm your efforts than to help.

When it comes to producing high quality articles and blog posts, there is no substitute for a gifted writer who is knowledgeable about SEO and has experience with online publication.

Professional content writing for SEO

Too many services will offer to write blog content without any serious regard for SEO. If you want to see results from your content strategy, it has to begin with research – and lots of it.

At Ethical Digital, our content writing service is aligned with our SEO service. We do extensive research on keyword difficulty, link equity, and market trends. We perform an on-page optimization audit of the client’s blog.

We develop a content calendar, engage a graphic designer for media assets, and identify the best content writer for the vertical.

All of this happens before a word of content is written. Then throughout the production process we conduct content reviews, audience tracking, and optimizations.

Not to throw shade on our competitors, but a lot of content writers claim to be SEO experts. Our approach is to pair content writers with real SEO experts so that together they can produce a winning strategy.

Writing that reaches

What’s the point of producing blog content if nobody reads it? Simply throwing text on the internet is no guarantee that you will get traffic.

In addition to (white hat) link-building and guest blogging, we can augment your content with a social media strategy that will reach your intended audience and bring new visitors to your blog.

Writing that connects

There is no getting around the fact that good writing requires a good writer. Not only that, they have to have the curiosity and discipline to research a topic enough to have something of interest to say.

At Ethical Digital, our writers have to meet our own high standards of excellence. Not only must their English be clear and free of grammatical errors, but we look for storytellers and researchers with an engaging voice and a compelling point of view.

We want to be your content writers, and more

We do so much more than content writing, and we want to be your partner for all your digital needs. So whether or not you decide to use our content services, we’d love the chance to talk about your goals and help steer you in the right direction. There are so many content writing services out there doing shoddy work, and we don’t want you to get burned

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