Radical PPC Minimalism

A PPC campaign so small you can swallow it.

Making the case for bite-sized PPC campaigns

When I received my PPC training, there was a prevailing belief that bigger was better. We would make gigantic keyword lists divided into zillions of ad groups, all in an effort to be hyper-targeted, hyper-specific, and hyper-relevant. The more important the client, the bigger the campaign we built them.

There is a clear downside to bigness, which is that it spreads your search traffic thin across too many variables. You end up diluting the very data you must accumulate in order to optimize your campaign.

What about the upside? The bigger-is-better philosophy hinges on the belief that you will get a steeper discount on each click the more precisely your keyword and ad text match the query. The assumed mechanism for that discount is the auction-time ad quality (wrongly called “quality score”), something that is poorly understood even by most experts.

In this post I will demonstrate why that assumption is wrong, and why most campaigns should be much, much smaller.

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By Kevin Frei at April 18, 2019