Pre-Launch Checklist: Website Performance Tracking

If your marketing plan includes sending users to your website, you need to follow these steps to make sure that you have visibility into how that traffic performs against your goals.

Step 1: Set Measurable Goals

What can users do on your site? You want to track the most valuable actions so you know where to focus your marketing efforts. Here are some examples of the actions you want to track: Continue reading “Pre-Launch Checklist: Website Performance Tracking”

By Kevin Frei at October 8, 2018

We Are Not Right for Each Other

Some relationships just aren’t meant to be.

We offer a wide variety of services at a range of price points to meet the needs of almost any customer, and our value proposition is second to none. Yet there are still some scenarios where it may make sense for clients to look elsewhere.

In this post I’ll suggest a few such scenarios in which Ethical Digital may not be the best fit.
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By Kevin Frei at October 4, 2018

When to Go Solo as a Digital Marketing Professional

Work for yourself, be your own boss. For a lot of us, that is the dream. But it entails a huge risk, and so it is worth asking when is the right time to ditch the office and fly solo.

Since this blog is about digital marketing, I’m speaking primarily to people who work in this industry. The ideas are applicable to entrepreneurs in general, but digital marketing is one industry in which most of us have at least contemplated self-employment.

In this post I suggest some ways to think about the issue of self-employment and whether it is the right time for you. Everyone is different, and no two circumstances are exactly alike, but hopefully these suggestions will help focus your thoughts as you evaluate what is best for you.
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By Kevin Frei at September 27, 2018

I Can Do That For You

I can do that for you.

It’s a six word sales pitch that anyone can learn. You don’t have to knock on doors. You just have to be ready when opportunity comes knocking for you.

Many of the most successful people in the world got to where they are by saying “I can do that for you” at the right time to the right person. I’m sure many of them didn’t know how they would do it when they said it. They figured that part out later.

It’s so easy to say “I can do that for you.” The hard part is saying it with the confidence that you can deliver the goods.

Ethical Digital is about empowering you with that confidence. You can promise any combination of digital marketing solutions – PPC, SEO, Social Media, Web Design, you name it – knowing that you are backed by a team of highly competent, well-incentivized specialists ready to fulfill on those services.
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By Kevin Frei at September 20, 2018

The Ethics of Being a Digital Nomad: How to Live It Up While Doing Your Part

Gobekli Tepe, the world’s oldest tourist trap?

Dawn of the Digital Nomad

Long-term travel did not begin with the age of the internet. There have always been adventurers nimble enough to make a buck wherever they go, washing dishes, selling songs, running pub crawls, working at hostels. Some made a living as authors, travel journalists, roving tradesmen, buskers, beggars, or painters. And of course there have always been rich people who can travel all they want.

Marco Polo was well traveled, as was St. Paul before him, as was Alexander before him, reaching back through history to the ancient pilgrims who made their way to the tourist traps of pre-history like Stonehenge and Gobekli Tepi.
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By Kevin Frei at September 19, 2018

Content is King: Why great content is so important for your digital marketing strategy

About seven years ago a client who’d been relying upon my expertise suddenly told me that he wouldn’t be needing as many of my blog articles and slashed his order from three articles per day to one per month. He’d been really happy with my writing so it was a shock, but it turned out he had discovered a cheap ‘content farm’ which churned out articles for cents. Within weeks, his company’s Google ranking fell from page one to page 36.

What happened? Google got smarter…

The new articles were over-stuffed with keywords and written in English by non-native English speakers using clunky syntax and glaring grammatical errors, and, to add the cherry on the cake, the writers had clearly never even visited the country they were writing about (they were extolling the virtues of the rolling hills and golden sands of the Maldives, when the Maldives is one of the lowest-lying countries on earth and is comprised of gleaming white coral sand, not yellow rock sand…).

By Kevin Frei at September 13, 2018