About Ethical Digital

At Ethical Digital, we focus on the tools that work and the metrics that matter. No BS, no snake oil, none of the usual tricks that are used to keep clients paying for campaigns that aren't working.

We partner with the best experts in the industry while keeping our rates competitive and affordable. Our cost savings are due to our efficient business model and low overhead, not cutting corners.

Our digital marketing specialists have worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as countless small and medium businesses. From local SEO and WordPress sites to enterprise PPC management and everything inbetween, we have scalable solutions to fit any budget.

We believe in laying strong foundations, and we excel at developing integrated marketing strategies that deliver a consistent experience across all channels, digital and traditional. The result is a more effective and more ethical approach to digital marketing.

Meet the Team

Ethical Digital is a network of marketing professionals around the globe, but a few of us play an administrative role.

  • Kevin Frei, Founder of Ethical Digital

    Kevin Frei - Founder

    Kevin is an entrepreneur, paid media specialist, and intermittent nomad from Arizona. Ethical Digital is his third startup after GoMusicals.com and an online traffic school company. An avid traveler and economics hobbyist, Kevin's goal is to revolutionize the way service companies are organized so that more people can achieve the dream of professional (and locational) independence.

  • Aaron Hazelett, Head of Operations at Ethical Digital

    Aaron Hazelett - Operations

    Aaron comes to Ethical Digital from the telecommunications industry where he managed business and teams on over a hundred cell tower projects. He holds a degree from ASU's School of Leadership and Management and has served as a business manager at a national non-profit as well as budget analyst and project construction manager at a startup with over five million per annum in revenue. Aaron plays country bass, can fix anything, and is the proud father of three small children.

  • Derya Ozudogru, Business Analyst at Ethical Digital

    Derya Frei – Business Systems Analyst

    Born in Ankara and raised in Istanbul, Derya studied labor economics before deciding to learn English and move to the States. She took a job in Florida selling remote control helicopters for a Turkish wholesaler where she learned the art of the sale (in addition to becoming an ace RC pilot). After earning an MBA from Webster College, she moved to Phoenix to work as a Business Systems Analyst at American Express. Now she is helping Ethical Digital implement the systems and processes necessary to scale.

  • Sudhir Kumar, Software Engineer at Ethical Digital

    Sudhir Kumar - Software Engineer

    Sudhir has been working on Ethical Digital from the very beginning, when it was supposed to be a quick and simple project. Little did he know it would grow to consume his life! He likes his code like he likes cars: with clean lines, beautiful under the hood, and FAST. His career as a software engineer began at age 16 and he has never lost that hunger to learn and grow. A huge nerd for jets, missiles, and military technology, he has a thing for the cutting edge and brings that outlook to everything he designs.

  • Randy Farmer, Senior SEO

    Izaias Almeida - Senior SEO

    Before joining the team at Ethical Digital, Izaias built a successful SEO agency in São Paolo, Brazil. With over twelve years of experience providing data-driven SEO, he has worked with businesses of all sizes - from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. After selling his business to travel the world with his wife, "The SEO Hustler" has been helping companies in more than 15 countries and 6 languages thrive in the digital and search world.

  • Randy Farmer, Client Development

    Randy Farmer - Client Development

    Randy came to Ethical Digital excited by the prospect of helping a bootstrapped startup reach its potential. With a lifetime of experience in client success and a deep understanding of marketing technology, he recognized that Ethical Digital is building something unique. Dedicated to the highest level of business ethics, Randy brings Ethical Digital his sales leadership, strategic guidance, and youthful good looks.

  • Sarah Harvey, Creative Content

    Sarah Harvey - Creative Content

    As a professional travel journalist and former magazine editor, Sarah enhances the content writing team with the high standards of the newsroom. Originally from England, she never strays far from the beach and has lived in such exotic locales as the Maldives, Nice, and Cancun. Her writing has been published in the LA Times, The Financial Times, and Forbes, and she is equally adept writing website content, blog posts, and marketing materials. An experienced social media manager with a deep understanding of modern SEO, Sarah tells stories that boost her clients' presence in search engines. Believe the hype - content is king!

  • Lee Bailey, Design

    Lee Bailey - Design

    Lee was 13 years old when he hung out his shingle as a freelance graphic designer. Armed with his trusty Atari ST and the (at the time revolutionary) software Timeworks Publisher, his first gigs were designing quality assurance manuals for local businesses in Manchester - truly the stuff of deep creative fulfillment! All these years later, Lee has kept his drive and independence while gaining experience, training, and much better tools. He specializes in Brand Identity, helping companies cultivate a personality through all of their visual assets. Aside from beautiful design, Lee's passions are gardening, natural foods, and being a loving father to his two wonderful children.