Take control of your customer reviews

Your customers are talking about you. Take control of the conversation by amplifying the positive voices and addressing any unhappy customers before they can do damage to your brand.

Consumers are doing their research

You read reviews before choosing a business, and so do your customers. In 2020 it is no longer an option to ignore your online reputation. Your reviews and ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other directories is having a material impact on your business and your bottom line.

You can't afford to ignore online reviews

Happy customers are under-motivated to leave reviews on the sites that matter. They may love you, but they need a little push to share the love.

Unhappy customers, on the other hand, take delight in publicly roasting your business online. Rarely will they moderate their criticism, and their one-star review will bring your whole average down.

Are you actively managing your reputation online?

The world is full of angry, unreasonable people. Your job is not to change the world but to make sure those people don’t tarnish your good name. Active reputation management is about having a process for monitoring the internet for brand mentions, generating positive reviews and comments, preventing negative reviews, and responding to all reviews and comments in a way that helps rather than harms your reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paying for reviews is prohibited by every legitimate review site, and it may even be an illegal “undisclosed paid endorsement.” While some businesses still do it, the penalties for getting caught can be severe.

Asking happy customers to leave a review is discouraged by Yelp but not by Google or Facebook. However it is never ok to offer any kind of compensation in exchange for a review.

A reputation management service will actively cultivate a positive discussion about a business online. That entails monitoring websites and social media for mentions of the brand, developing a strategy for review generation that complies with the rules of each review site, amplifying positive discussion and reviews, and diffusing situations that might negatively impact the brand.

We offer professional reputation management

Reputation management is a critical piece of any brand’s digital strategy, yet it is one piece that businesses often choose to handle themselves. A good test to know whether your reputation is being managed well is to ask: how does your business stack up to its competitors on Google Reviews and Yelp?

If you lead the pack with the highest rating and the most positive reviews, then you may be doing a fine job. But if not, it may be time for a change in strategy.

We offer a complete reputation management solution that will lead to more positive reviews and ultimately more business. We do this in a sustainable, ethical way that won’t get you penalized or delisted, and we can tailor our services to meet your budget.

Ethical Digital is not like other agencies

Our business model is different than any other agency. We recruit the best digital marketers in the industry, and through our proprietary software they are able to form autonomous teams handpicked by your dedicated account manager. It is a decentralized approach that uses competition and skin-in-the-game to yield superior results.

The upshot for you is that you get a team of experts with a stake in your success, backed by the full resources and support of Ethical Digital. And because this model is so efficient, we are able to price our services 20-30% lower than the top agencies that hire the same specialists.

In other words, we offer the best value for your money of any full-service marketing solution out there.

We want to be your reputation manager, and more

We do so much more than reputation management, and we want to be your partner for all your digital needs. So whether or not you decide to use our reputation management services, we’d love the chance to talk about your goals and help steer you in the right direction. There are so many agencies out there doing shoddy work, and we don’t want you to get burned

If you’d like to talk with us, just click the sign up button below and we will do a little research on your company before teeing up a conversation.