How to Reach Your Hospitality or Tourism Customers

Sharing some simple secrets and insider knowledge

If you have a hospitality or tourism brand or product then you already know that reaching your customers can be one of the biggest challenges. Today, the internet is overloaded with options so it’s essential for your brand to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Continue reading “How to Reach Your Hospitality or Tourism Customers”

By Kevin Frei at August 16, 2018

Real-Time Reporting With Google Analytics And Data Studio

Don’t Wait For Your Marketing Reports

Have you ever asked your marketing team for a report? Or waited for that attachment to come in your email? Did you not know that you should have all that data in real-time? It’s 2018 and everything happens in real-time including high-value reporting on your marketing performance.

If you don’t have real-time visibility into the goals and performance of your website and its users, go ask for it.

Make More Informed Marketing Decisions

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By Kevin Frei at August 9, 2018

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Some things never change, but some things do.

Maybe once upon a time a lawyer could hang a shingle, advertise in the local newspaper, and expect to get work.

Those days are long gone. Nowadays law firms must use all the tools available to them to get an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
Fortunately law firms tend to be localized and specialized, which makes them ideal candidates for a well-run digital marketing campaign.
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By Kevin Frei at August 9, 2018

Who Is an Ethical Digital Agent?

An Ethical Digital Agent wants a bigger stake in their work. They want the freedom to work as much as they want, where they want, when they want, as long as they get it done. 

They want to quit their job, change their career, travel the world, or grow their side hustle. Continue reading “Who Is an Ethical Digital Agent?”

By Kevin Frei at August 6, 2018

How To Pay Only For Leads With Google Local Services Ads

Are you a home service business?

Local Services ads puts trustworthy local electricians, locksmiths, plumbers, and other professionals in front of people who are looking to find and book quickly.

And yes, you’ll only pay for leads that you get.

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By Kevin Frei at August 1, 2018

The Esoteric Nomenclature of Digital Marketing, and How to Dumb It Down

Every field has jargon that is unintelligible to outsiders. Digital marketing is no different, and it’s easy to forget that people may have no idea what we’re talking about when we tell them what we do for a living. Even general business and sales terms that are common across many industries may be unfamiliar to people who haven’t worked in a big office environment.

Industry short-hand is useful when talking shop among colleagues, but we need to be ready to communicate our value prop to people for whom the term “value prop” sounds like Cantonese. Otherwise we end up with a tower of babel situation where communication breaks down and nothing gets accomplished.

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

So here it is:

A Glossary of Digital Marketing Jargon in Plain English

Bing: A search engine like Google, but way less popular.

Conversion Rate: How often a click leads to some other desirable action, such as a sale.

Cost Per Click (CPC): How much you pay when someone clicks your ad. It depends on how much you bid, how much competition there is, and how good Google or Facebook think your ad is.

Cost Per Lead (CPL): How much you spend on marketing to get someone to give you their contact information for a sales follow up.

Click Through Rate (CTR): How often people click your ad after seeing it.

Ethical Digital: A marketing startup that offers better solutions at a lower price.

Google Display Network (GDN): Google’s product for showing your ads on other people’s websites.

Impression: Every time your ad is shown to someone on the internet.

Impression Share: How often your ad is shown when it is eligible to be shown.

Paid Media: Online Ads you pay for, like commercials on youtube, banners on websites, and the ads you see on Facebook or when you search on Google.

Pay Per Click (PPC): A type of online advertising where you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Someone who specializes in setting up and running these ad campaigns is called a Pay Per Click Specialist.

Quality Score: How good Google thinks your ad is. Facebook and Bing have something similar.

Reach: How many people are eligible to see your ad based on your budget and the audience you target.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How you get your website to show up on Google when people search for it.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP): The page of results you get when you perform a search on Google.

Social Media ManagementLetting other people handle your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles by posting updates and responding to comments.

Of course this is terribly incomplete, but it’s a start and I may add to it over time. If you want a more complete list, here’s a good one.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading!

By Kevin Frei at August 1, 2018