The Ethics of Being a Digital Nomad: How to Live It Up While Doing Your Part

Gobekli Tepe, the world’s oldest tourist trap?

Dawn of the Digital Nomad

Long-term travel did not begin with the age of the internet. There have always been adventurers nimble enough to make a buck wherever they go, washing dishes, selling songs, running pub crawls, working at hostels. Some made a living as authors, travel journalists, roving tradesmen, buskers, beggars, or painters. And of course there have always been rich people who can travel all they want.

Marco Polo was well traveled, as was St. Paul before him, as was Alexander before him, reaching back through history to the ancient pilgrims who made their way to the tourist traps of pre-history like Stonehenge and Gobekli Tepi.
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By Kevin Frei at September 19, 2018

Content is King: Why great content is so important for your digital marketing strategy

About seven years ago a client who’d been relying upon my expertise suddenly told me that he wouldn’t be needing as many of my blog articles and slashed his order from three articles per day to one per month. He’d been really happy with my writing so it was a shock, but it turned out he had discovered a cheap ‘content farm’ which churned out articles for cents. Within weeks, his company’s Google ranking fell from page one to page 36.

What happened? Google got smarter…

The new articles were over-stuffed with keywords and written in English by non-native English speakers using clunky syntax and glaring grammatical errors, and, to add the cherry on the cake, the writers had clearly never even visited the country they were writing about (they were extolling the virtues of the rolling hills and golden sands of the Maldives, when the Maldives is one of the lowest-lying countries on earth and is comprised of gleaming white coral sand, not yellow rock sand…).

By Kevin Frei at September 13, 2018

Love the One You’re With

If you’re happy with your current provider, great, stay with them. We’re about building relationships, not breaking them up.

All we ask is that when it comes time for you to evaluate their work and renew their contract, you give us a chance to present our offer. Because all digital marketing providers are doing the same stuff – we just do it better and cheaper.

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By Kevin Frei at September 12, 2018

How to Set Up Analytics & Remarketing

A Match Made in Heaven

In this post I will walk you through how to set up Google Analytics as well as Google Remarketing on your website, because the two pair as nicely as chardonnay and lobster. With these two tools at your disposal, you will gain new insights about visits to your website, and you keep those visitors engaged after they leave.

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By Kevin Frei at September 6, 2018

In Praise of Failure

And Why You Should Fail Hard and Often

I have a love affair with failure. When you pour your heart and soul into an endeavor only to watch your dream die on the vine… It’s a romantic, Byronic kind of tragedy that let’s you feel just how human you really are.

Failure is like a sad movie, an intense workout, a Thai massage, or spicy hot food. It’s one of those pains you can grow addicted to. Every entrepreneur is a bit of a masochist.
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By Kevin Frei at September 5, 2018

The Essentials Of Lead Capture

Every Business Website Needs A Lead Capture Strategy

What’s the point in spending big bucks to drive traffic to your website if you’re not prepared to capitalize on that traffic?
Your lead capture strategy must come first. You can get people to your website, but first you have to know what you want them to do when they get there. Under no circumstance should you ever launch a digital marketing campaign without first having a lead capture plan in place.

By Kevin Frei at August 29, 2018