What To Do With An Audience

Who Is My Audience?

As a business person, your audience is the reason why you have a business. These people could fall into any of the following categories:

  • Fits your customer profile
  • Could connect you with potential customers
  • Can add credibility to your business

These people could be past or current customers, sales leads, personal contacts, or anonymous visitors of your website or social media. Once you find out all the things you could do with this audience, your imagination will run wild with how you’ll identify these people.

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By Kevin Frei at November 21, 2018

Sorry Jack, the Future is Marketing Integration

What is Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing is the industry term for a strategy in which all marketing channels – i.e. Google, Facebook, email, print, television, radio, etc – are coordinated to deliver a consistent message or experience.

When marketing channels are coordinated, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The trouble is that each marketing channel is complex in its own way, and few individuals are truly expert in more than one or two. Continue reading “Sorry Jack, the Future is Marketing Integration”

By Kevin Frei at July 26, 2018