Small business owners: Let us help you reach new customers!

Hi there! You may not have heard of us yet so let’s just take a second to get to know each-other. We’re a new and affordable digital marketing company in Glendale, Arizona, and we’re helping small businesses like yours get more customers. (And it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business on the other side of the world: We can call, email or video chat!).

Maybe you want to attract customers with a new website. Perhaps you want to improve the chances of customers finding you online but don’t know how. Or maybe you want somebody to write blog posts about what makes your business so special. Well, we’re helping small businesses to do all of that and more.

What’s more, we’re offering you FREE advice and a FREE quote if you drop us a line (or ask us to give you a buzz). So even if you’re not sure which digital tricks would benefit your small business, our friendly staff is standing by to recommend ideas. And they’ll make suggestions according to your budget and goals.

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Supporting Your Buyer’s Journey with Email

It’s true that the marketing funnel is anything but linear. That fact makes it harder and harder for businesses to recognize and fix gaps in their digital buyer’s journey. For small sales and marketing teams, that challenge is often even greater; it can be difficult to qualify and support all leads that your company generates in meaningful ways.

One solution to this growing challenge is to create better content experiences.  In order to do so, you need to audit common interactions your leads have with your business leading up to purchase of your products and services. Then you’ll need to find ways to scale those interactions. 

One channel that still remains effective in delivering information and supporting your leads in a scalable way is email.

Let’s walk through a typical buyer’s journey to uncover what types of email campaigns you may want to run to support leads, no matter where they enter the funnel.
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By Kevin Frei at October 11, 2018